Structural Engineering

Horizon Engineers takes pride in its collaborative approach to structural design, where we prioritize, efficiency, buildability and overall functionality of the structure.

Our team thinks laterally, employing innovative analysis methods and design approaches to develop highly efficient and constructible structures.

Our engineers, whether it’s residential buildings like houses and duplexes, or more complex commercial and multi-level structures, we specialize in creating designs that incorporate cutting-edge technologies in concrete and steel construction. Our expertise extends to innovative techniques like post-tensioned concrete, and we have a deep understanding of various construction materials, including concrete, steel, and timber.

One of the hallmarks of our engineering team is their mastery of steel and timber design. Our engineers take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest Australian standards, such as AS1720, AS3600, AS3700 and AS4100. Their comprehensive knowledge of these standards not only produce a structurally sound and safe but also visually appealing development. This commitment to compliance ensures that every design we create meets the highest industry standards for safety and quality.

However, we also excel in advanced aspects of structural design, such as transfer decks, lateral load analysis, and seismic-resistant designs. These specialized skills enable us to take on even the most challenging and complex projects, guaranteeing the structural integrity and resilience of your buildings, even in the face of adverse conditions.

In addition to our concrete structural design expertise, we specialize in foundation engineering. We have extensive experience in designing foundations for various types of structures, including raft and waffle foundations. Our meticulous approach involves implementing the AS2870 standards with precision, ensuring that the foundation of your project is rock-solid and built to last.


Featured Structural Engineering Work