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About Us

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Start-to-end project consultancy services ranging from feasibility study, detailed design, project management to delivery, which includes among other capabilities, construction supervision, auditing, and testing/commissioning.

Our team of experienced engineers, designers, and technical specialists have a deep understanding of the latest engineering practices and technologies, allowing us to deliver projects that meet the unique needs and goals of each of our clients.

Quality you can count on

Quality is the key and fundamental aspect of Horizon Engineers growth and prosperity. In the words of the Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”, quality is Horizon Engineers habit and is entrenched in its culture.

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Projects Completed
Engineering disciplines
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Meet our team

Hussein is the founder and Managing Director of Horizon Engineers, where he has overseen a multitude of projects across diverse engineering disciplines. With over 15 years of experience, Hussein is a registered design practitioner, a registered Chartered Engineer, and a registered Engineering Certifier. His practical problem-solving abilities and a can-do attitude are the driving force behind Horizon Engineers, making it a distinctive multidisciplinary engineering firm with a strong appetite for expansion.

Hussein Naji


Sam is a seasoned Principal Engineer at Horizon Engineers, boasting 20 years of diverse experience in the field. Holding CPEng and NPER qualifications, his expertise spans a broad range of developments, from high-end residential to industrial and commercial projects. Known for his skill in structural design and project management, Sam excels in reinforced concrete and steel design. His current focus includes residential construction, industrial design with tilt-up panels, and structural steel warehousing, alongside his involvement in structural assessments and defect analysis. Sam's long-standing experience and technical acumen make him a key figure in the engineering sector.

Sam Naji

Principle Structural Engineer

Sanny Sanny, an Associate Engineer at Horizon Engineers, leads the Civil Hydraulics Department with distinction. For over five years, she has spearheaded complex projects, showcasing her in-depth expertise in hydraulics and stormwater management. Her exceptional attention to detail and comprehensive experience have made her a key figure in her field, greatly contributing to the success and innovation within Horizon Engineers' hydraulic and civil engineering endeavors.

Sanny Sanny

Associate Principle Hydraulic Engineer

Nickolas Mitchell's is a Civil Engineer and his expertise is particularly valuable in the context of Sydney's stormwater management regulations. His knowledge encompasses the Development Control Plans (DCP) for stormwater across all councils in Sydney. This implies that he is proficient in understanding and applying the local guidelines, policies, and technical standards specific to stormwater management in various parts of Sydney.

Nickolas Mitchell

Project Engineer
With over 10 years of expertise as a proactive Executive Assistant, Desiree brings a proven track record in providing comprehensive administrative and client relations support across diverse industries. She thrives in managing competing priorities, implementing policies and procedures, and adopting client relationships. Desiree’s commitment to excellence is evident in her ability to review and improve operating practices, ensuring optimal efficiency in all aspects of executive support. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, painting and socialising with friends.

Desiree Virgin

Executive Assistant

Darcy Elton is a dedicated structural Engineer with a passion for precision and design. On top of his studies at university, Darcy dives into the intricacies of structural engineering while enhancing his skills in stormwater, civil, and facade design. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to innovation, Darcy thrives in the realm of structural design, combining academic understandings with practical skills to create solutions that are efficient and effective. Apart from his engineering pursuits, Darcy extends his passion for knowledge by tutoring high school students in mathematics, nurturing young minds. To maintain a balanced lifestyle, he revolves around swimming and regular gym visits to keep himself busy.

Darcy Elton

Structural Engineer

Daniel is a highly motivated member of Horizon Engineers who specializes in Facade Engineering having broad range of experience from design to on-site installation of claddings, windows, skylights, curtainwalls, and etc. He is a goal-oriented individual with outstanding attention to detail, always aiming to achieve designs that are structurally sound, stable, weatherproof, compliant, and cost economical.

Daniel Arriesgado

Facade Engineer, Structural
Girlie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. She is a Licenses Civil Engineer and Licensed Plumbing Engineer in the Philippines. With more than a decade of work experience in hydraulic engineering, she is passionate and eager to learn new things as such, she began exploring the integration of technology in the design and construction industry through BIM modelling. In her free time, Girlie enjoys reading books, going on short trips and eating out with family.

Girlie Tanay

BIM Modeller, Hydraulic / Civil Engineering
Jessica graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Civil Engineering from the University of the East-Manila. She is a Registered Civil Engineer in both the Philippines (since 2015) and the United Arab Emirates (since 2017). With nearly 6 years of experience, Jessica worked as a Structural Engineer at a Consultancy Company in the United Arab Emirates. In her current role, her primary responsibilities include designing and calculating concrete, steel sections, timber, and preparing drafts using AutoCAD for various structures such as residential buildings, low-rise structures, warehouses, and others. With a total of 7 years of practice in Structural Engineering, Jessica is also a proud member of the Association of Structural Engineers in the Philippines.

Jessica Bituin

Structural Engineer
Joyce Ann Pasuengos holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. She is a passionate and dependable Human Resource and Administration support with over 10 years of responsible and progressive experience in the field. Her experiences include being a Grade school computer teacher, HR, Accounting and Finance Assistant for an Australian company based in Ph and Discipline Management Staff for 6 straight years in a fast paced manpower local agency. Major contributor in building a systematic approach in her previous company’s employees and labor relations. Skilled in dealing with sensitive situations and keen to support the company with organisational and communication skills. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family on adventure and food trips.

Joyce Ann Pasuengos

HR and Administration Manager

Jubaidah Baguinda is a graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, bringing a unique blend of knowledge to the administrative and HR roles. With over 5 years of professional experience, Jubaidah has a strong foundation in both administrative and customer service roles. Her journey began as a receptionist, where she honed her communication and organizational skills, ensuring visitors and clients felt welcome and valued. This experience has equipped her with a people-centric approach, ideal for the HR aspect of her current role. Beyond the professional world, Jubaidah is a creative soul who finds solace in drawing and an adventurous traveller who enjoys exploring new horizons. Her creativity and love for diverse experiences greatly contribute to her dynamic and open-minded approach to her work.

Jubaidah Baguinda

Admin and HR Assistant
Rhea Morales is a committed BIM drafter with over 9 years of expertise in Building Information Modeling, focusing on Mechanical and Hydraulics. Additionally, she has accumulated over 2 years of experience in architectural design for residential buildings in the Philippines. Proficient in top-notch software such as Revit and AutoCAD, Rhea ensures the smooth integration of hydraulic systems into the overall building information model, playing a vital role in the comprehensive success of construction projects.

Rhea Morales

Bim Drafter, Hydraulics





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