Civil Engineering

Horizon Engineers takes pride in its proficiency in civil engineering.

We plan, design, and manage infrastructure projects with precision, emphasizing sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our collaborative approach ensures seamless integration of civil engineering solutions into the broader project context.

Led By Our Lead Civil Engineer, we can provide services such as public domain design fronting development, road widening design, driveway and off street parking design. Stormwater drainage under road infostructures including truncking.

Welcome to Horizon Engineers, where civil design meets excellence. We take pride in our specialized capabilities in public domain and vehicle access design, setting the standard for precision and compliance.

Our Expertise

Public Domain Design

Horizon Engineers excels in civil design, particularly in the domain of public infrastructure. Our expertise extends to the design of public spaces adjacent to proposed developments. We are well-versed in creating designs that seamlessly integrate with the existing urban landscape while meeting the highest industry standards.

Vehicle Access Driveways Alignment Design

At Horizon Engineers, we specialize in vehicle access driveways alignment design, adhering to AS 2890 (Off-street Parking standards). We are committed to ensuring that your development complies with all relevant regulations, contributing to the safety and functionality of your project. Please note that this service excludes internal parking layout design.

Proposed Vehicle Footpath Crossing Alignment

Horizon Engineers provides expert services in establishing the alignment of proposed vehicle footpath crossings. We pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the design, taking into account various elements that impact it, such as service pits, underground utilities, power poles, signage, and trees. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that your project aligns perfectly with its surroundings, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Kerb inlet pits and council stormwater system

We have capacity and capacity to undergo design and documentation of council infostructures piping system including designing and detailing junction pits , kerb inlet pits. Provide cost effective solution to comply with council and authorities’ regulations such as transport for NSW. Coordinate and mitigate clashes with other underground assets such Jamina , Telstra and other assists.

Horizon Engineers is dedicated to delivering civil design solutions of the highest quality. Our commitment to compliance with industry standards, attention to detail, and a holistic approach to design make us the preferred choice for projects requiring public domain and vehicle access design. With our expertise, you can be confident that your development will not only meet regulatory requirements but also seamlessly integrate into its environment, creating a lasting and positive impact.

Featured Civil Engineering Work