Hydraulic engineering constitutes a significant part of our expertise at Horizon Engineers.

At Horizon Engineers, we provide comprehensive building services designs, including sewerage and sanity, portable water, hot water systems, gas and wet-fire services including hydrant and sprinkler design. Our focus on energy efficiency, sustainable plumbing solutions and safety ensures that the buildings we design are functional, sustainable, and compliant with relevant standards.

We have the capacity to model entire services using MEP Revit and complete clash detection with use of Navis works. Our experience in hydraulic is expensive and have completed all types of projects including commercial development, residential development, schools & educational facilities, hospitals and healthcare, aquatic and leisure centres.

Led by Our Hydraulic Lead Engineer, we have completed large complicated hydraulic design including award winning buildings such as RESERVIOR ST, SURRY HILLS project, where our ingenious hydraulic designs played a pivotal role in the project’s attainment of awards and recognition.

We have all required design building practitioners (DBP) registration in NSW for hydraulic and Wet fire services including C14 Accredited certifier – building hydraulics compliance.

In essence, Horizon Engineers is unwavering in its dedication to ensure that our buildings not only function optimally but also make a positive contribution to the environment. Most importantly, we prioritize creating efficient buildable designs.


Featured Hydraulic Design Work