Hydraulic Engineering for Boutique Development in Homebush

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February 9th, 2023


John Doe

An engineer is the brains behind how your home, the bridge you cross each morning and the building you work in is still standing. That is what we do here at Horizon Engineers.

We are a team of highly trained professionals and collaborate with architects, developers & Builders. This is to ensure whatever is being built can sustain the loads & stresses of everyday life and its surrounding environment. As engineers, we aren’t only improving the places people live, but we are also the guardians of safe & durable construction.

We face daily challenges which are both diverse and require innovative & problem-solving skills. Essentially, we are both designers and problem solvers too.

Whether you are planning out a new building or seek to reconstruct existing ones, we have you covered. Our team of expert engineers provides project management services at whatever delivery level. We oversee projects, direct delivery of projects or third-party certification.

We specialize in several areas of engineering, this includes:

Civil, Structural, Commercial design, Residential design, Hydraulic design, Bridge design, Storm-water design, Geotechnical design

Horizon Engineers are responsible for some extraordinary structures across Sydney. Our team at Horizon Engineers is made up of innovative, experienced professionals who are dedicated to developing new technologies and techniques. We guarantee to create safe, incredible structures that can withstand environmental elements and are fit for purpose.

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